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News and usage tips — scooter

And if we plant trees Dad ?

arbre arbres foot scooter tree trees scooter

Et si on plantait des arbres Papa ?

There is a lot of talk right now about the environment, the ecological footprint and the state of the planet that we are going to leave to our children. When I ask myself such a question, I refer to my best adviser: my son.

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cani-cross cani-trottinette dog dog mushing scooter scooter


Small news among the team sports, dog scooters allows you to go on a ride with your faithful companion stowed on a scooter. This unusual driving discipline is practiced on multiple terrains, from the slopes of the city center to the less traveled trails in the countryside.

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Equipments, Your Dog and You (Mushing) !

cani scooter cani-trottinette dog dog mushing scooter tire scooter

Équipements pour votre Chien et Vous (Mushing) !

The equipment for the scooter and the dog is relatively simple, but it is essential:

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Electric Scooter : Go !!

electric électrique scooter

C'est un Départ !!!!!

It is in the coming days that electric scooters will make a remarkable entrance in the streets of Montreal. Whether it is for or against, nothing will prevent this mode of transportation to find a place as a means of travel as much to travel the last km of an urban transport system for the simple tourist movement.

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I do not want to rob my Scooter

bike lock scooter scooter urban urban bike vol

Je ne veux pas me faire voler ma Trottinette

To avoid theft, it is essential to attach your scooter to a fixed and solid point, preferably at a place of passage, so that an attempted robbery is quickly spotted and reported.

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