I do not want to rob my Scooter

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I was asked this question several times : How to secure my scooter ?
Attach his scooter to a fixed and solid point :

To avoid theft, it is essential to attach your scooter to a fixed and solid point, preferably at a place of passage, so that an attempted robbery is quickly spotted and reported.

On the public road:

Prefer poles cast iron or heavy metal protective barriers

Your padlock or antitheft device must not touch the ground :

Do not place your padlock or antitheft device on the ground. In contact with the ground, this allows the thief to have a fulcrum in case of attempted destruction of the padlock or antitheft. (Let's make it easy for them;)

Cadenas Onguard

The optimal solution is to store your scooter at home or at your workplace, avoiding all risks.

So, secure your favorite means of transportation !

Jeff Théberge


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