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Equipments, Your Dog and You (Mushing) !

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What is the material needed to ride a scooter with his dog?

The equipment for the scooter and the dog is relatively simple, but it is essential:

- An off-road scooter, and especially not an ordinary scooter like those we see everywhere in the city! It takes a solid model to ensure the safety of the dog and the master. Example: The Kickbike Cross Max Series;
- A sports harness that fits the size of your dog: it is forbidden to hang the dog's leash on his collar as during a walk! The harness should not tighten your dog's body, the shoulders should be free and not bothered by the straps, and the leash clip should be at the bottom of the harness so as not to interfere with your four-legged companion;
- A Bungee line: This is a leash with a damper that will protect your faithful friend from injury during frequent course changes and downtime;
- An adapter to make the connection between the dog and the scooter. Example: the S / Line;
- A helmet ;
- Water and a bowl for your dog who will quickly thirsty!
In addition, to ride a scooter with his dog, the mistress or master must:
- Balance
- Flexibility
- Some endurance
Do not panic if you are not at your best: all these things are working!

Cross Max Serie

The S/Line

Jeff Théberge

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