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cani-cross cani-trottinette dog dog mushing scooter scooter

Incredible but true: after the race and the bike, our dog friends can now enjoy the fun of the scooter with their musher ! Close up on the most unusual of canine sports ...

Small news among the team sports, dog scooters allows you to go on a ride with your faithful companion stowed on a scooter. This unusual driving discipline is practiced on multiple terrains, from the slopes of the city center to the less traveled trails in the countryside.

Origin of the scooter

Since its creation at the beginning of the 20th century, the scooter has not stopped evolving. The very first models were made of wood, had 3 wheels (1 at the front and 2 at the back) and were reserved for children.

A pride to have this 3 wheels model

It was not until the 50s that it becomes a real means of transport used by many adapted and friendly dogs.

If the appearance of this discipline in Canada is recent, its practice, in the Nordic countries, where it was born, is not. In these far-off lands, where snow lasts a good part of the year, it is used by mushers as a summer alternative to sled training.

Several harnessed sports competitions have included, over the past few years, the scooter. In both Quebec and Canada, this concept is gaining popularity.

So, Go the Dogs !!!

Jeff Théberge  



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