The Scooter Is for whom ?

Let us know before we get into the world of snow scooters and scooters, an innovative sport from Finland.

Snow scooter are usually used in Scandinavia as a means of locomotion on village roads and on frozen lakes during cold, icy winters. Originally, it was designed like this: a chair fixed on two long metal skates. Subsequently, his design was modified by Hannu Vierikko who, a decade ago, became a fan of scooters. The talent of this man and his passion for scooters have changed the practice towards an innovative sport. During his career, Hannu has invested a lot in the development of the new generation of "Finnish" snow scooters that could move quickly.

In fact, it was thanks to him, ardent passionate of the scooter who wanted to use it to train the summer, that the Kickbike scooter was born.

How is the scooter so special ?

Hannu, a sports medicine student, could combine the knowledge of human biomechanics with the exceptional expertise gained during his career as a scooter follower, hence the idea of a superb scooter. The Kickbike scooter is the queen of the scooter because the materials have been carefully chosen and the pieces have been made to measure. Its large front wheel allows a smooth movement and good handling; in addition, its narrow platform and the rear fork do not interfere with the movement of the kick propeller, resulting in maximum use of the dynamics of the whole body. The configuration of the scooter frame is perfect, so that it can be well directed even at high speeds.

The scooter for the race

The Kickbike scooter was originally designed to meet the very high demands of competitive sport. This scooter was at the top of the international races that took place in Germany, the Netherlands and Finland in 1997. World records were reached (10 km in 19.58 min, 42.195 km in 1 h 26 min). 19 sec, and downhill at 92 km / h). Alpo Kuusisto (Kickbike scooter team) won the 1997 German International Cyclotinette Championships in Wolsburg, and eight of the top ten in the peloton were driving a Kickbike scooter.

The practice of the scooter is pleasant for everyone

Everyone can enjoy the attributes that make Kickbike scooters so light and fast. In fact, for a beginner, the extended and easy glide after every kick thruster is even more enjoyable than for a very experienced rider. Apart from the convenience of this scooter and the benefits it provides for fitness, it can compete with bicycles that are usually used for short distances. Another important point: the scooter requires very little maintenance so its operation is simple.

The scooter to keep fit

Scooter riding has obvious benefits in terms of exercise. The propulsive kick makes the leg work in a pendulum motion in a relaxed, different manner and while stretching it, while the other foot is held more concentrically as for skating or cycling. The propulsive kick technique is in itself a workout in that there is alternating legs, after every three or eight propulsive kicks. Fitters found new challenges in extremely challenging (Forest Gump style) rides on scooters, the most difficult of which is from Helsinki to Gibraltar, where 4000 kilometers were covered in 27 days.

An aerobic method of strengthening the buttocks

The Power Kick is an effective cardiovascular workout because it involves exceptionally large muscle groups during exercise. The practice of scooter oxygenates you more than the bicycle, making it a much more effective aerobic training. The lower muscles of the back, the buttocks, the hamstrings, the calves, the thighs and the abdominals work. Slowly rolling on two quiet wheels protects the knees, hips and back from passive shock absorption that could result from injuries caused by a sport such as jogging. The kick propellant is probably the most effective aerobic method to firm the buttocks ...

The scooter - the urban vehicle of the future

Unlike bicycles and roller skates, scooters can be easily maneuvered on pedestrian streets and sidewalks. Despite its speed, the scooter gives you the same rights as if you were on foot although driving on the bike lanes is also allowed. It's easy to stop and get back on the road - just a push and you're off again! Compact and lightweight, the bike is easy to carry - you can bring it easily on stairs or even indoors. The use of the scooter is not hindered by bad weather or uneven surfaces.

Towards a happier world!

Whatever your age, gender or physical condition, you will be able to enjoy the originality of the scooter and the fact that it promotes individual initiative and reflection. The more you do, the more you will enjoy the simple pleasure of propelling yourself and the harmony of the rhythmic movements of the propulsive kick. The scooter represents a healthy way of life. By joining the peloton beaming of happiness of the followers of the scooter, you will contribute to launch this mode which propels you in a happier world ...