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Why choose a Scooter for training ?

Scooter riding has obvious benefits in terms of physical activity.

The propulsive kick makes the leg work in a pendulum movement in a relaxed, different manner and while stretching it, while the other foot is held more concentrically as for skating or cycling. The propulsive kick technique is in itself a workout in that there are alternating legs, after every three or eight propulsive kicks. Fitters found new challenges in extremely challenging (Forest Gump style) rides on scooters, the most difficult of which is from Helsinki to Gibraltar, where 4000 kilometers were covered in 27 days.


An aerobic method of strengthening the buttocks

The Power Kick is an effective cardiovascular workout because it involves exceptionally large muscle groups during exercise. The practice of scooter oxygenates you more than the bicycle, making it a much more effective aerobic training. The lower muscles of the back, the buttocks, the hamstrings, the calves, the thighs and the abdominal work. Slowly rolling on two quiet wheels protects the knees, hips and back from passive shock absorption that could result from injuries caused by a sport such as jogging. The kick propellant is probably the most effective aerobic method to firm the buttocks ...

Why choose the Scooter ?

- Improved cardiovascular training

- The firming of the buttocks and the fight against cellulite thanks to the propulsive kick.
- The strengthening of the back muscles, especially the lower lumbar ones.
- The strengthening of the quadriceps of the leg on the platform.
- The weight training of the glutes, hamstrings, calves, abdominals, pecs as well as arms during thrust and extension of the body.
- A physical exercise complementary to the bike, but without stress in the neck, nor embarrassment to the buttocks because of a saddle. All these benefits of the scooter make it a great way recovery during ligament injuries or back problems and Rehabilitation can then become a pleasure.