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Electric Bike or Electric Scooter ?

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The electric bike is very versatile and allows many casual athletes to embark on stages of several tens of kilometers with altitude. It can be used to go to work without too much fatigue as it can be used to accompany someone more athletic in cycling. It allows to completely get rid of terrain but do not forget to pedal. Bicycles Falardeau offers a very interesting choice!

EVO Buchwik

Advances in electric motorization at the level of lighter batteries, improved efficiency engines and control electronics are now making it possible to motorize the scooter to make it an effective aid to pedestrian walking, considerably reducing fatigue over a long distance. when the soil condition allows it. On the other hand, it is important to know that electric scooters are not yet legal on Quebec roads.
The scooter and the bike, both electric, are intended for a different use and experience. By bike, you will logically go further, and practice a sporting activity. It is advisable to use it over longer distances than the electric scooter, which is preferred over short journeys. The combination of the different modes of transport is also facilitated by the scooter. Although some electric bikes are foldable, they are bulky and heavier to carry in a subway or bus.

You now have an idea of what you want to use. However, if you have not yet made your choice, we are here to answer all your questions in the commentary space!

Jeff Théberge

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