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The Gravel Bike and the Cross Fix

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Gravel Bike is a bike practice that mixes road crossings as well as trails, tracks and unpaved roads. This practice is similar to the Cyclo Cross but with a lesser notion of performance, and is generally exercised on longer outings from where a need for additional comfort. 

Gravel Bike is a bike adapted to this mixed practice. We can make gravel with different types of bikes or scooters. There is therefore no very precise definition but a few  lines emerge despite everything: 

  • a suitable frame geometry, to keep maneuverability and stability with also wider bases to allow mounting tires wider than on the road, to provide comfort, grip and puncture resistance;
  • mudguard mounting brackets and luggage rack :
  • tires with mixed sculptures ;
  • no suspensions ;
  • disc brakes ;
  • a handlebar similar to a road handlebar ;

Photo de Bicycles Falardeau inc.

Gravel Bike built with a Bicycles Falardeau's frame

Kickbike Cross Fix is an example of scootter gravel bike.
Enjoy road !!!
Jeff Théberge


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