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Coffee and Bike

bike café coffee expresso Louis de Funès bike vintage

Why talk about Coffee and Bike?

This week we opened a very small coffee shop at Bicycles Falardeau. Nothing complicated: 1 espresso machine, cups, coffee butter croissant . 

Simple no?

It's a little dream to have coffee shop, bicycles and scooters under the same roof. The concept is very vintage. After 103 years, we must not take away the charming and romantic side of its history.

There is still work to be done. Small improvements to bring. But also a lot of fun serving you a little coffee. Fun to proceed with the ritual of preparing your cup. But in the end, it is the feeling of well-being that you have achieved something simple that makes you happy.

Le café c'est comme la Soupe aux choux de Louis de Funès  : 

"La soupe aux choux mon Blaise, ça parfume jusqu'au trognon, ça fait du bien partout où qu'elle passe dans les boyaux. Ça tient au corps, ça vous fait même des gentillesses dans la tête. Tu veux qu't'y dise : ça rend meilleur."


 Bicycles Falardeau 

Jeff Théberge

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