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It has established itself as queen among the new means of transport for urban mobility. Less bulky than a bicycle, his speed allows him to move as quickly as on a bicycle and in a more agile way.

In short, the electric scooter is the star of the urban mobility, and this very buoyant market has enabled the development of new ranges, with large differences in price and quality.

Here are some criteria to consider in your choice:

Criterion 1: Speed

This is an important criterion and the most watched. If you choose an electric scooter, it is essentially for win time on your journeys, this criterion is therefore important.

The average speed observed electric scooters is 25 km/h, but you will find models that can go up to 40 km/h (approved and for driving on the road). However, if your journey is short or heavily congested , there is no need to favor a very fast scooter. and an 20km/h speed will be more than enough for a urban use .

Criterion 2: Autonomy

When choosing your electric scooter , you must ask yourself the question of whether it will be used on short (or even very short) journeys or over longer distances. Depending on your answer, you will prefer an electric scooter offering more or less autonomy . We currently find models of electric scooters whose autonomy varies from 15 to 40 km .

Keep in mind, however, that autonomy is also linked to your size and the types of journeys (uphill for example). If you have short trips to make (less than 3km), a autonomy of about fifteen kilometers will be quite sufficient.

For some long journeys , we advise you to choose an electric scooter with a lithium battery . Lighter , it also offers a greater autonomy .

Criterion 3: Loading time

The electric scooters have experienced a great progress in recent years at the level of their loading time . A short time ago, we mainly found electric scooters equipped with lead-acid batteries , which are very heavy and long to load (12 hours minimum).

Now, thanks to lithium batteries , your electric scooter loads much faster can even on some models no longer be only 2 hours .

Criterion 4: Weight

It's there too an important criterion, especially if you have to transport your scooter with you on public transport or on the stairs.

The large majority electric scooters weigh around 15kg , significant weight when you have to carry it.

The new models of scooters weigh around 10kg , thus making them more accessible, especially for small builds .

Criterion 5: Security

When choosing your scooter, don't overlook the safety criteria . This requires an effective braking system . Indeed, if you are traveling at 25 km/h and an obstacle presents itself, you must be able to brake quickly .

The classic foot-operated rear brake is therefore not sufficient. Choose front or rear disc brakes operated by a lever on the handlebars.

Also, don't overlook the visibility : on an electric scooter, it must see and be seen . Essential are therefore the front and rear lights which will signal your presence.

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Jeff Theberge

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