The Little biker Part 1

Alexis is a small beginner of 3 years. Energetic, solid on his legs and the taste of exploring.

It's time to learn the bike !!

So, Alexis will start at the beginning: Learning to balance

Balance bike 

It is given several names: learning bike, balance bike, bike without pedal. The Americans call it the balance bike, and it seems that the nickname is indeed appropriate, since it is precisely his sense of balance that the child will lead by riding this strange bicycle. In addition, balance remains the most important concept for riding a bike!

Much more than a fashion, therefore, the balance bike has real advantages and allows the child to develop certain skills that will facilitate his passage to the bicycle.
- Easy to maneuver: the child has only to propel himself with his legs, which allows to ride from the early age of 2-3 years. You do not even need to show him how this bike works: instinctively, the child will succeed in maneuvering it;
- Confidence: the fact that the child is in perfect control of his speed, and that he can brake easily thanks to his feet allows him to be more confident.
- Safe;
- Promotes active transportation: young children are sometimes reluctant to walk, but will like to travel longer distances with this bike;
- Lightweight: These balance bikes are usually made from lightweight materials. Some models even have a handle for easy transport;
- Designed for the little ones: the lowered frame facilitates the stride;
- Prepares to ride a bike with pedals.
- Ecological
So give your child a chance to learn a best transportation mode !!
Jeff Théberge

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