Urban mobility is a fairly recent concept that reflects changing lifestyles. Today, there are more inhabitants in the cities than in the countryside. But this influx to the cities and the increase in population, which augurs for future megacities, is not without creating new problems. We must be able to ensure mobility needs. In this regard, we note that city dwellers tend to spread time commuting to work and also move for other reasons (leisure, cultural tourism, sports activities), day and night.

Here is the Kickbike CLiX Scooter. It is the definition of urban mobility.

The foldable CliX is an easy way to move few miles at a running pace but with very little effort and to do that wherever you need.
It is designed especially for boaters, campers or commuters who need a stable, safe and maintenance free ride but frequently need to pack their gear to a small space. Folding/unfolding the CliX is exceptionally fast (15 seconds at first and 5 after practice) and requires naturally no tools nor detaching any parts. Despite the small 16 inch wheels we have managed to create a geometry that is easy and fast to ride. Folded, the CliX stands like a suitcase and offers a solid handle at the balance point for easy handling. Kickbike Clix

Kickbike Clix

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