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Why choose a 3 wheels scooter?

First of all it is a well-known physical phenomenon. Think of the stools, to stand up the minimum is 3 legs ... on 2 legs we fall. Also the 3-wheels scooter offers a natural balance, as on the bike with small wheels. When for a classic 2-wheels scooter you have to find the point of balance, with 3-wheels models your child can let go of the handlebars and the scooter stays upright. The child will move faster to coordinate his movements and the transition to a classic scooter is faster. So while kicking the child can concentrate on his trajectory, on the pleasure to accompany you in family and the desire to begin again the next day.

A 3-wheels scooter with 2 front wheels for stability and weight transfer direction.

The latest models equip 2 wheels at the front of the board, coupled with a clever system of automatic pivoting of the wheels according to the orientation of the body weight the scooter will naturally lead to the right or the left. We lose a little maneuverability compared to models with 2 rear wheels. This is the choice offered by This scooter will be handy for little beginners with problems finding balance. The handlebars are T-Bar type for easy and safe guiding in case of fall the handlebar ends are generously rounded and shockproof.

Jeff Théberge

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