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What was just a formality fell this week. The Self-Service Electric Scooter will not be back in 2020 in Montreal.

The city of Montreal has announced the end of self-service electric scooters. The experiment launched in August 2019 will not be repeated. The cause: the users' lack of respect for the regulations.

Obviously the experience did not convince the mayor of Montreal.
"Only 20% of scooters have been parked" in the dedicated spaces, noted the municipality. The city denounces issues for "security", a "disorder" and a cohabitation "sometimes difficult with pedestrians". In short in Montreal as elsewhere the problem remains the same: the indiscipline of the users of electric vehicles.

For the person responsible for mobility within the city "Montreal does not want to turn into a scooter police". And Eric Alan Caldwell to point out the operators who "have failed to ensure their responsibility for compliance with the regulations". Result, after the winter break: "there will be no more (electric) scooters in the streets of Montreal".
It is the failure of a model which is not realistic. To think that the user will have the will to return the vehicle to a specific place without human control, without physical support is utopia. This kind of service must be supervised at the rental and at the return of the rental. There is a great opportunity to review this service.
Footbike will be there.
Jeff Théberge

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