To play a sport and stick to it, willpower alone is not enough! It takes motivation. The motivation to play sports must simply be greater than the motivation to do nothing! Motivation is worked and maintained.

Feel good about yourself, avoid health problems, sleep better, regain your morale, stop being bored, etc. are motivating goals that can encourage you to get into a sport. These motivations must nevertheless weigh more heavily in the balance than the efforts to be made to achieve it...

So start by asking yourself the basic questions: why do I want to play sports? What is my real motivation? What will it bring me? What price am I willing to pay for this? You can also rate the downsides of not exercising, if that's easier. For example what you will lose.

In this time of a pandemic, go out to play sports: scooter, bike, walk. Get moving. Make it a habit.

Jeff Theberge

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