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Customer service involves putting systems in place to maximize the satisfaction of your customers. This should be a primary consideration for every business. Sales and profitability depend on the ability to satisfy customers.

A huge range of factors contribute to customer satisfaction, but customers, both consumers and other businesses, are likely to consider:

• The total value of your service;
• Follow-up of a dissatisfied customer;
• Take charge of a special request;
• Professionalism, friendliness and expertise;
• Information;
• The after-sales service offered.

It is important to note that the elimination of the main irritants, and the improvement of the customer experience, even well identified, necessarily entail a financial investment, a corporate commitment, a clear and well communicated strategy, a follow-up and a constant evaluation. parameters. All this must therefore be an integral part of a well-structured strategic project to ensure the sustainability of the company.

Here is my vision AND I share it!!

Jeff Theberge

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