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Customer Service !

In my opinion, good customer service is: smile, listen and advise.

I really like these different points that make the strength of a customer service:

- Smile;

- To compliment ;
- Build confidence ;
- Give your opinion honestly;
- Answer questions with simplicity;
- Understand the needs, difficulties and strengths of customers.
This is a change from the seller in a shop that forces us to practically back away because of its great dynamism. I think some sellers make a bad impression because of the first sentence they say:

- Do you need something ?

- A moment. I'll get back to you in a few minutes.
Unless you are completely lost in life and have time to lose, you do not like that kind of approach.

Me, I much prefer the approach of the newspaper seller : he does not hesitate to say what he sells, at what price and it is positioned at the best place to be seen. In the past, we could meet him every day and even if he shouted, he was accepted socially. Why ? Because this salesman, if he was smart, gave the headlines for free and he charged for the details. When I see a salesman, that's what I want. I want him to sell me what has the most impact and let me watch / study the details.

I must say that I have experienced an experience where customer service is proven effective. This experience allowed me to confirm the value of an error and the need to reorient the objectives of my company.

It is important to have problems for the development of the company !!

 Jeff Théberge 

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