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Dog, Scooter and Me

attelage automne cani-cross dog compétions competiton cross max dog fall kickbike tire

The  return of the scooter is not just about children, teenagers, adults or athletes. Dogs also find their account in this new trendy activity for dogs and their owners!

What are the benefits of playing sports with your dog ?

The scooter, like all dog sports, allows:

- To propose to your dog a regular sporting activity and thus a quality physical exertion ;

- To strengthen your relationship with your pet by proposing an activity ... A kind of ritual between you ;
- To find a different motivation to play sports: to know how to please his dog ;
- Also helps maintain the physical and mental shape of your pet (and yours at the same time).

Cross Max of Kickbike

Jeff Théberge

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  • Renier on

    Que conseiller pour une personne de 1m75.

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