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déplacement electric électrique moving scooter scooter scooter urban urban

Electric motorization is a mobility solution that seems to please in urban areas, especially with the deployment of electric scooters in cities. Is this a solution that addresses the problem of the last kilometer?

The last kilometer is an expression designating all the possibilities which allow the transport of a good to its final destination. But the expression is also valid to designate the problem linked to an individual who travels in an urban environment, in particular at the very end of his route
Electric scooters are not an alternative to public transport, but respond particularly well to the problem of the last kilometer. They therefore make it possible to replace cars in large cities, which pose problems because of their large volume. In addition to solving the parking and traffic problems caused by cars in the city, scooters help reduce pollutant emissions. A heat engine emits the most pollutants when it is cold: that is, during the first 3 kilometers or so. It is these journeys that we want to replace in the long term with this new mobility solution.

2020 will be the electric year for urban mobility !!

Jeff Théberge

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