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The scooter has become a real means of transport in its own right. Particularly appreciated in cities, it allows to move easily, quickly, and does not require that one encumbered excessively as it can be the case when riding a bicycle for example. So, investing in a scooter for adults is an excellent choice, but you still have to know how to choose it, here are my tips!

Discover the offer on the market

Before leaving with preconceived ideas about the adult scooter that one wishes to buy, it should perhaps begin by knowing what exists. Indeed, if you are used to just grabbing the first rental adult scooter you see, you may never have wondered if there were other alternatives. So taking a look at the various stores specializing in this type of item such as will be a great way to get an overview of what's available, prices, styles, etc.

The different types of scooters

There are different types of adult scooters on the market and knowing its different options will be the best way to guide your choice.

The classic scooter is designed for fully manual use. It is launched by projection of the foot which requires to restart it from time to time to continue to move forward.

Practical, the lightest models weigh only around 3kg and we can in particular find foldable models which will be all the more appreciable. However, this is a very basic type of adult scooter and long distances can be difficult. In addition, facing a hill, you will have to push, because a simple throw of the foot will not be enough to climb certain climbs.

The electric scooter is the big trend in recent times on the side of scooters for adults.

Equipped with a motor, it will allow you to move forward by requesting a simple trigger and therefore does not require that you use your body if it is not a kick to take off and put your foot when you are stopped. It will therefore be much easier to travel longer distances, to climb hills, but it will also be necessary to take into account charging time and autonomy. Indeed, electric scooters are equipped with a rechargeable battery which will be called upon during their use. It will therefore be necessary to take a look at the autonomy offered by the battery so as not to be broken down and to be able to make the desired journeys without problems. Question of speed, it will depend on the number of watts of the engine, the weight of the scooter and the weight of the user.

More than the classic scooter or the electric scooter, you will have to choose from different options. For example, there are models with large wheels that will allow you to enjoy much more comfort, regardless of the floor covering. Opting for big wheels will not be too much if you want to enjoy your scooter on daily trips. The type of brake will also be taken into consideration. Your level of physical condition will also be a determining factor for a good choice.

In short, there are models of scooters for each user, it will be enough to know the use that one intends to make of it to find the model which will be the most suitable!

Jeff Théberge

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