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And the Training ?

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Moving daily with a scooter makes it possible, without even realizing it, to practice a regular physical activity, to stay in shape and consequently to tone up.

If you do not have time to play sports, instead of using your car or public transport, do the Scooter! Because it solicits the legs during the pushing movement but also the arms to hold the handlebars, the scooter can tone up and down the body. The abs are not forgotten because to balance on your scooter, you will have to solicit them.

Scooter can help you stay in shape, strengthen your heart, because it is an endurance activity, and facilitate the loss of this little bit of fat that poisons life!

Slowly rolling on two quiet wheels protects the knees, hips and back from shock absorption that could result from injuries caused by a sport such as jogging. The kick propellant is probably the most effective aerobic method for firming the buttocks.
So, let's be tempted !!!!!!

Jeff Théberge


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