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Scooter Maintenance

mecanic mecanic repair réparation scooter scooter

You can not go without your scooter to move? You are therefore not unaware that a scooter regularly talks, otherwise your means of transport may deteriorate rapidly over the course of practice ...

With a few simple actions and a little common sense, you make your scooter last and you make sure to keep a comfortable use.


Save your brakes

Repeated use of your brake causes wear on the rear wheel, which can cause it to lose its circular shape and flatten in some places. To avoid this worry, put your foot down to stop whenever you can. The rest of the time, gently press on the brake (you brake less quickly, but save your wheel).

Avoid driving in the water or on dirty ground

If you ride in water, you use the bearings inside your wheels faster. Another damage noted: the anti-slip band on your board loses its grip and you can be destabilized.

Cleanliness is better

Keeping your scooter clean is the easiest and most effective way to maintain your scooter. A simple rag in the bearings and often dirty parts (wheels, headset, anti-slip tape ...) is always welcome.

Jeff Théberge

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