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Even if the sporting or wheel-riding scooter seems easy at first, it is not the case in reality. Scooter is the fusion of running and cycling, requiring more physical effort and dexterity.

When you learn to ride a scooter, whether for fitness, the pleasure of moving or performance, we must respect our physical capacity.

Since it is very aerobic, it is suggested to start a few kilometers at a time with breaks. This can vary from 2.5km to 10km depending on the cardiovascular level and muscular endurance. The choice of the surface is to be considered as well as the unevenness. Asphalt will be more rolling than rock dust trails.

For people who start a fitness, it is suggested to start with an hour of activity, working typing, change of foot and cardiovascular adaptation.

While for active people, wanting to do long distance (20-50km), it is suggested, to work rather in muscular endurance by performing outputs ranging from 1 to 3 hours at low speed (10-15 km/h). And to join the useful to the pleasant.

And for performance athletes, who are looking for results at all costs, techniques such as vogue intervals or KWatt (power) will be assets for physical development ranging between 30-90 minutes at frequencies of 3 to 4 times a week .

Given the effort required to scoot, hydration is important and a calorific intake such as a small snack. We must not neglect them.

Remember, no matter what you're looking for, we always start with a warm-up and give ourselves a recovery time.

The goal is to have fun in training !!


Jeff Théberge

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