E-FOOTBIKE Electric 350W
E-FOOTBIKE Electric 350W
E-FOOTBIKE Electric 350W
E-FOOTBIKE Electric 350W

E-FOOTBIKE Electric 350W

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Footbike's new electric scooter. The E-Footbike is a fun and safe scooter.


- Motor: 350w

- Tires: 8.5 inches with inner tube

- Rear disc brake

- Battery: 36v

- LED screen

- Maximum speeds: 20-25km/h

- Distances per charge: 20-25km depending on the weight of the user and the speed used

- Weight: 12.5 kg

- Length: 40 inches

- Height: 45 inches

- 3 speeds available

- Front and rear lights

- Maximum user weight: 120 kg

- Note: It is strongly up to customers to ride safely and to comply with local laws governing electric scooters. Riders should always wear a certified helmet when using their scooter. Riders should not use their e-scooter between dusk and dawn or in the dark. Riders should also be aware of municipal and state laws that govern the use of electric scooters; they may have additional safety requirements, including restrictions on where and when scooters can be used.

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