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News and usage tips — vélo

The Little biker Part 2

bike children Enfant pédales pedals bike

Le petit débutant !

Starting in bike is a complicated exercise for a child

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bike déplacement Enfant training summer scooter training scooter scooter bike


The safety of children in scooter or bike riding should be a constant Priority.

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Summer Holiday !!

bike summer scooter scooter bike

Les Vacances !!

On my summer holidays, 

Or short break after school days,
where I went?
I think I must tell.

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Coffee and Bike

bike café coffee expresso Louis de Funès bike vintage

Café et Vélo

It's a little dream to have coffee shop, bicycles and scooters under the same roof. The concept is very vintage. After 103 years, we must not take away the charming and romantic side of its history.

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I do not want to rob my Scooter

bike lock scooter scooter urban urban bike vol

Je ne veux pas me faire voler ma Trottinette

To avoid theft, it is essential to attach your scooter to a fixed and solid point, preferably at a place of passage, so that an attempted robbery is quickly spotted and reported.

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